Shaw Farms' Interactive Playground

  • Enjoy our hands-on playground at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • The interactive playground at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio has many great photo opportunities for children.
  • Meet Glenda and Dororthy this fall at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Kids love the hands on experience at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Pose for a picture in our festive photo spots this fall at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Ride our wooden wagon in our hands-on playground.

Let their imagination run wild as your kids scamper through our hands on, cartoon themed play area!

As your children explore they will find many familiar faces from popular television programs and movies to pose with in the wonderous lands they come from! Every adventure is something new! See what characters await you at the playground!

Free Admission

Here are some of the fun scenes you will find in this year's playground:

  • The Yellow Brick Road
  • Western Village
  • Three Little Pigs
  • Our Giant Jack n the Box
  • 100 Piece Maze the sports Nemo
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming
  • Fred & Wilma Flintstone's House

  • Meet our roosters at the Shaw Farms petting animal area.
  • Our local chickens are a fun way to introduce children to animals.
  • Encourage your kids to learn about farming.
  • Meet our donkeys at the Shaw Farm Petting Area.
  • Our miniature horses are a fun farm friend to meet!
Farm Animal Fun!

Make a fuzzy farm friend

Head out to our farm animal area to meet some of the most kooky characters you can find on the farm! Each October we bring in some of our favorite traditional farm friends for you to meet and greet.

Don't forget to check out our educational flip-boards to help you learn about your new fuzzy friends!