School Field Trips

A day on the farm is a great way to help your class learn about how things grow in a very hands-on way! Load up the bus and come on out for an educational adventure on the farm!

Providing nutritious information for growing minds!

What's Included

Your field trip will include our 20-minute scenic tractor drawn hayride and a 10-minute educational trip into one of our two learning barns. You can choose how long you would like to play in both of the interactive playgrounds. Everyone takes home a 3 to 5 lb pumpkin. Picnic areas are available for lunch.

Teach through hands-on learning at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.Learn in the Little Red Barn

The Little Red Barn is a facility for children under the age of 5. The presentation includes a hunt for buried treasure in a corn or soybean bin (the treasures are things we have grown on the farm and those things made out of what we grow).

An example would be butternut baby food comes from butternut squash, pumpkin in a can, a bottle of corn oil, or a can of soymilk. We also have a seed sort and photos of pumpkin planting with a demonstration.

Education in The Old Barn

We also have a special barn for 5 year olds to 95 year olds. Learn using our series of photos showing the growth of a pumpkin from the time a seed is planted to the time it is harvested. We also have a table full of things grown on the farm. We educate on such things as the difference between pumpkins and gourds and how wheat and hay are different.

Reservations & FeesOur educational field trips are perfect for visual learners!

Cost is $5.50 per person.
Teachers are free.

Groups must have at least 15 people to make a reservation.
Please designate one person to pay upon arrival for your entire group.

Please give us a call at (513) 575-2022 to begin your request for an educational tour of the farm.