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A True Family Farm

Buy locally sourced, farm fresh produce from Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.In 1807 Thomas and Martha Shaw, farmers of Quaker ancestry, immigrated to Clermont County from Bucks County, PA.

In 1952, the family's first sweet corn was raised and sold at the Farmer's Market located at Second and Main Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The corn was picked every day, early in the morning. Since the market didn't open up until 5 PM, customers passing by the loaded truck would stop and want to buy corn before it was taken to market. Eventually, the family decided to open a market at home because of the high demand for fresh produce.

The Shaw's first stand consisted of a few hamper baskets with a board across the top where the vegetables were placed, and the corn was placed in bushel baskets beside the table.

The first pumpkins were raised between the rows of corn. The pumpkins were picked and placed in a pile in the front yard. These were also sold to customers who were passing by. The money earned was given to the children to spend on their vacations.

Current Day on the Farm

Meet the owners of Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jerry Shaw

Shaw Farm has been owned and operated by Garold "Jerry" Shaw since 1948. In the late 1970's, Jerry decided to raise more pumpkins. His wife, Jean, decided to make a stuffed man to sit in a chair among the pumpkins.

Since Jean was not gifted in painting, she asked Pam, her future daughter-in-law, to paint a head for her pumpkin man. This was the beginning of the Shaw Farms pumpkin display.

Learn who grew your food at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pam Shaw & Rochelle

In 1987, the first section of the selling barn (now The Shed Gift Shop) was built. This area soon became too small and two other additions were added in 1991 and 2001. The building has been added onto 5 times and is now 96 feet long and 48 feet wide!

We farm 1800 acres. We grow field corn, soybeans, many varieties of summer vegetables and pumpkins, gourds, and squash. During the summer months, locally grown produce is sold in the Gift shop.

Meet your local farmers at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Shannon, Dakota, & Christopher Shaw

In the summer, the farm offers a place for families to buy their fresh vegetables. In October, they come to enjoy the sights of Fall.

Families like to take hayrides, watch the animals and let their children play around the numerous pumpkin people and displays. Many groups and school children come for educational field trips.

Bite into freshly grilled sweet corn.

Mike Shaw (right)

Family Owned and Operated

As time went on, Jerry and his two sons, Mike and Jeff, were the only farmers left in the extended Shaw family. The rest of the Shaws had found other occupations.

The farm is now operated by three generations: Jerry and his wife, Jean; their sons, Mike and Jeff and daughter in law, Pam. Mike and Jeff's sons, Christopher, Tyler, Ryan and Dakota Shaw.

Meet your local farmers at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ryan & Tyler Shaw

The farm is a family-operated business. Many other family members participate and contribute to the successful business.

The Shaw family is grateful for such a blessed past and to be able to continue sharing the farm with others.

Know who grew your food at Shaw Farms near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jeff Shaw

We look forward sharing our families traditions with your family during your next visit!

See you soon!

The Shaw Family